What is sex toys? Sex toys for various uses, for anal and vagina etc. BDSM, dildo sex toy.

What is sex toys?

What is sex toys?

Sex toy is a device that is used in masturbation and in sexual intercourse. When you and your partner want some excitement in the sex life, they seek for the sex toys like a dildo, a anal toys, a vibrator, massagers, and BDSM sex toys. using sex toy is not new, it has been used for the 35,000 years. Sex Toys are designed in the human genital that gives real human genital feel with multiple properties, vibrating and non-vibrating.

Now a day's Sex toys may be big business. Most couples and singles prefer to use sex toys for sexual satisfaction. About 62 percent of men and 38 percent of women use sex toys in their regular sexual life. Sex toys give them best pleasure and better sexual experience.

Rough category

Rough category

While finding kinky and exotic, you find sex toys in the store too. It is common now to have sex toys and use of sex toys. You can pick your sex toys to excite the boredom sexual life. There is various sex toy from smooth to rough. Here is list of rough category sex toys that gives rough intense pleasure.

BDSM toys

All BDSM toys are always included in the rough category sex toys. whipping, spanking, roping, controlling, humiliating, etc are included in BDSM. BDSM sex toys include, bondage collar, bondage furniture, bondage whip, bondage spanker & floggers, Bondage rope & Tapes.

Large Dildos and Vibrators

Large size dildos and vibrators are made for large fun, but it is till bit rough. Large dildos and large vibrators are only recommended for the expertise. Beginners should not bear the insertion and insertion pain.

Except that, some dildos and vibrators are specially designed for better pleasure with rough edges and rough textures. The rough texture of dildos and vibrators gives you intense rough sexual play. That why it is included in rough category sex toys.

What is popular in India. . .

What is popular in India. . .

Although sex toys are restricted in the India, but Indian manage to buy sex toys and love to use sex toys. The most popular sex toy list is here


Lubricant is highly used sex thing in India. It enhances and smoothens the sexual intercourse. Lubricant reduce the friction between the vagina and the penis.

Magic Wand Massagers

Not only in India, magic wand massagers is popular in the world. Magic wand massagers gives stimulation on the vagina and enhance the sexual pleasure.

Realistic Dildos

Realistic Dildos are gives real penis pleasure, because it is made in phallus shape.

Rabbit vibrator

Rabbit vibrators are special type of vibrators that have the main shaft as regular vibrators but it has extra ears that pleasure and stimulating the clitoris. It pleasure the vagina internally as well as externally.

Remote controlled vibrators

Remote control vibrators are operated by attached remote to vibrators. You or your partner manage the various vibration mode and speed of vibrators.

Bullet vibrator, clit vibrator, vegetable shaped vibrators, vibrating dildos, G spot vibrators, silicon dongs, etc are highly used sex toys. All of them pleasure the vagina and anus.