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Sextoystagram teaches What is anal toy? Usage, type, benefits, etc. How to use anal sex toys?

What is anal toy? Representative anal toy

What is anal toy? Representative anal toy

Anal sex toys are category of the adult sex toy that is used by men and women in the anal play. These sex toys are specially designed for anal to keep in mind about anus tissues. Most of the anal sex toys have flared base that aware you about the rectum and do not go far. Anal sex toys not only used by heterosexual couples but by homosexual couples too. An anus is too sensitive areas and has tight tissue, so required a little bit careful. In addition, anal toy is used in various situations. There is time to play with anal in play of BDSM.

Anal sex toys can be used in solo masturbation session or sexual intercourse with the partner. Anal sex toys are the toy that can be used by both partners at the same time, at the same bed. Anal sex toys stimulate the P-Spot and men can enjoy the P-Spot pleasure and P-Spot orgasm. These adult toys are comfortable to use and easy to use, even beginners can feel free during anal play. In addition, when inserting into the anal, you can use sanitarily without worry of hurting intestinal walls even if you use lubricants and toys even if you use condoms.

Types of anal toy

Types of anal toy

There are varieties of anal sex toys are available in the market to enhance the anal play or anal sex.

Anal Beads

Anal beads sex toy has a chain of several beads. They are like a balls chain. Anal beads available in many materials like metal, plastic, rubber and even in threads form too. Anal beads are best for the beginners. Beginners may insert anal beads toys in anus step by step.

Butt plugs and anal dildos

Butt plugs are like vagina dildos, but there are less in girth because it has been used in anal small holes. Butt plus avail of size and shape. Users can select their size and shape according to their acceptance.

Anal Vibrators

Anal Vibrators is the best choice how to want extra pleasure. Anal vibrators sex toys give level of vibration for better pleasure and more pleasure in the anal from low to high.

Male prostate Toys.

These are specially designed for the men to achieve their P-Spot. Prostate toys give them P-Spot orgasm by correct use. It stimulates the prostate gland that is indie the anus for men about 2 inches away.

How to use anal toy

How to use anal toy

The correct way to use anal sex toys in the anus is here. First, be relax and comfort. Do not pressure yourself for the anal if you are not ready to do. Enforcement leads to anus tissue damage. You should start with choosing the anal sex toys. After getting correct anal sex toys, time to prepare yourself. You should start with some foreplay.

Stimulate the other erogenous zones, nipple, clitoris, etc, weather you feel aroused. Also, it is recommended to work or prepare the anal with fingers, tongue or a very small anal toy, like a plug. When you feel ready, start insertion. Make sure to use lubricant. Water-based lubricant or silicone-based lubricant that has high viscosity, because anus does not have natural lubrication like a vagina. The tissue of the anus is very fragile and without lubrication, there may be discomfort and painful. After lubrication, allow slow insertion and gradually increase the level of insertion. if you required more lubrication use some more suitable lubricants.

History and popularity in India

Anal sex also popular between in Indians. According to recent study about anal sex in India, approx 29 percent women tries and enjoy the anal sex in India. If we discuss, top cities that are interested in the about anal sex in India are Chennai and Mumbai. And 28 percent of the females say that, they love to try anal sex by bi sexual and in Sado-Masochistic sex play. At an all India level Incidence is higher in unmarried Womens.